| Ref. : ARINC 429 Synchronous Multichannel Receiver Transmitter »


4 Independent Receivers (Rx)

1 Independent Transmitter (Tx)

Simple CPU interface type

8-Bit Data-bus

ARINC 429 Interface : ‘1’ and ‘0’ Lines, RZ code

Software Label Control

Parity Control : Odd or No Parity

Interrupt Capability

Test mode Capability

FPGA speed grade Operating Frequency dependant

Available in VHDL source code format for ease of customization

Can be customised by Logic Design Solutions


General Description

The MEF4442A is an ARINC 429 controller. It is based on the EF4442 in mode A only. This macro is not strictly compatible with the EF4442.

This macro can be customized according to specific needs (application-specific requirement). Any other pre-designed functions can be integrated into the FPGA. FPGA density and I/O requirements can be defined according to customer specification.